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Fairytales in Space: Mass Effect, the Disbelieved Heroine, and Breaking the Cycle

A long time ago (in this galaxy, not one far, far away), I wrote a bit about Star Wars and fairytales and mentioned I'd like to write more about space fairytales. That time has come!
Star Wars is a straight-forward fairytale: a fairytale story, fairytale characters. It is the fairytale as we have always known it, set a long time ago, somewhere far away. We know the story, we're familiar with the characters, but we're along for the journey, not the destination. The best thing about fairytales is that they have always been with us; we've told the stories around fires, by the hearth, in royal courts, in children's bedrooms. We take these stories and play with them, taking the familiar and transporting it somewhere new. Space fairytales are the fairytales of the future - and not just because that's where they're set. Space fairytales take the familiar and transport it somewhere we can only imagine, into a world we will likely never see in our own lifetimes. Thi…