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Cultural Identity Through Folklore and Fairytales

I do intend to return to The Next Disney Movie That Will Never Be series (which technically, I suppose, is not yet a series as there is only one entry), but I've just recently begun working toward my master's degree in museum studies and some class discussions led to me scribbling notes on this subject in my notebook.

I use the term 'fairytale' most often, for the simple reason that I like the look and sound of it, but a lot of what we call 'fairytales' are more accurately called 'folklore.' Tales collected by the Grimms from middle and lower class German women were, very literally, tales of the German folk. The Grimms' stated purpose was to collect the stories of the German people in an effort to preserve German cultural heritage. That said, we know the Grimms made extensive changes to the stories, both before and after they were initially published. We call them the Grimms' tales rather than simply referring to them as German folklore because …