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The Next Disney Movie That Will Never Be: The Feslihanci Girl

A few days ago a news item was making the rounds, and it being the most horrible time of the year, I still don't quite know whether or not it's real, but anyway, Disney may or may not be making a live-action adaptation of the fairytale "Snow White and Rose Red," focusing this time on Rose Red. I'm going to be completely honest with you: that idea is extremely boring. I hope it was an April Fool's joke because the thought of the millions of dollars they may or may not pour into that is honestly distressing.

Fairytales and folklore aren't going anywhere, which is why Disney keeps coming back to them. They have existed for as long as humans have existed, longer than we have records of, in every corner of the world. Even before the advent of film we've been taking the old familiar stories and reworking them to fit each new generation, each new culture that encounters them. I hope we never stop finding new ways to tell these stories. The key word there, th…