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Beauty in Fairytales and #GrowingUpUgly

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

Beauty as a motivating factor for fairytale villains is often laughed at. Why would someone be driven to such extreme ends simply wanting to be pretty? There's a lot to unpack about beauty in fairytales - it's never only about beauty in and of itself. And though it is very much indicative of the times in which these stories were written down, that's not to say things have changed terribly much since then.

In a time when death in childbirth was common, so was re-marriage; step-mothers and step-siblings are so present in so many fairytales because these stories reflect the realities of life at the time. The conflict between children of the dead mother and the new step-mother arose largely over money and inheritance issues; step-mothers feared their own children would be looked over in favour of the father's children and it was easier to just hate the dead woman's children rather than try to tack…