WDW Trip Report: June 9

We got to Epcot so early we were actually the second people in line waiting for bag check to open. We weren't even hours early or anything! So that was kind of bizarre, but cool. We got to be at the beginning of the rope drop crowd for the first time ever.

We decided to head for Test Track at rope drop and Liam and I took on Mom and Jackson. Our car design, which Liam named The Motorizer, beat Mom and Jackson's Glam Factor by 5 whole points! We were going to ride again but the line had already grown to 50 minutes so we decided we didn't need a rematch that badly. After Test Track we headed to Spaceship Earth, which is always a delight.

Jackson and Liam wanted to ride Mission: Space but Mom and I opted to sit out. I found an outlet by the play area by the exit and watched that competitive game I can't remember the name of while my phone charged. It's rigged, incidentally. Team Orion always wins. We briefly headed to The Seas with Nemo and Friends and rode the ride, but we were starving so exploring the aquariums had to wait until after breakfast. We went over to The Land and ate at Sunshine Seasons, then headed back to The Seas.

That wait turned out to be very fortunate because we got back to The Seas at feeding time! All my little merfriends were so excited and active, it was really fun to watch. The dolphins' keepers did a show where they had the dolphin look at a screen and pick the matching screen along the aquarium window. He was only wrong once that I saw, and I was suitably impressed. The point remains that dolphins are jerkfaces and the only sea creatures that are not actually my friends.

My brothers were truly annoyed at me for making us spend an hour looking at my merfriends in The Seas so I suppose it was only fair that they forced me onto Journey Into Imagination. Liam was especially disappointed that I know when to hold my nose and breath so that I don't inhale any of that wretched skunk smell. Ha.

After that we headed to World Showcase. Our first stop was Gran Fiesta Tour, which I actually rather enjoy, though Maelstrom's absence was deeply felt. I got my traditional morning margarita from the kiosk before we strolled by Norway and China on our way to Germany. My brothers have been cast in the Texas Renaissance Festival cast, so we stopped at Germany since Jackson's on the German court. Lots of silly pictures were taken. Liam is on the Italian court, so he was up next for silly pictures in his pavilion.

We walked by Japan and stopped for lunch at Spice Road Table in Morocco. I know this restaurant is pretty widely panned but I truly can't say enough good things about it. We arrived a bit early for our reservation but the restaurant was empty so we were seated at one of the window tables which looks like it has a spectacular view of Illuminations at night. Our server, Amin, was absolutely wonderful, so sweet and attentive and understanding of my brothers being difficult. The food was fantastic; Moroccan mint tea is one of my favourite drinks and the restaurant I used to go to for it at home closed a few months ago, so it was really nice to have it again, and my lamb sliders were so delicious. The decor was absolutely stunning. It really isn't set up for tapas the way Disney had marketed it, so I see where people were frustrated with it on that count, but honestly if you just go in for a normal entree experience and you love Mediterranean food, you won't be disappointed. It was truly fantastic and I can't wait to go back.

We spent some time looking around the United Kingdom pavilion's shops, and my mom, who's on the English court at TRF, got some pictures of her own (not very silly though). After that we headed back to Future World for Spaceship Earth, then a cup of Beverly at Club Cool for Liam, and then back to World Showcase for The American Adventure. Which, full disclosure, I literally slept through.

The weather turned very suddenly as we walked back to the Norway pavilion to grab school bread and rice cream. We had FastPasses for Soarin' so we had our snack and then headed back to Future World once again, rode Soarin', and then started to camp out for Illuminations. Unfortunately the storm pushed back the fireworks three times, and we decided we didn't want to wait any longer to find out whether or not they were going to be on, since the storm didn't appear to be letting up. So back to the hotel we went.

Up next: I may combine the next two days but I'm not sure yet, but at the very least there will be a blitzkrieg run to Animal Kingdom and an afternoon at Hollywood Studios.


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