WDW Trip Report: June 8

We went to Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning on the 8th. I hadn't been back to Animal Kingdom since the massive construction started so the lines of construction walls down the length of Discovery Island were new to me. I like that Animal Kingdom has the most interesting construction walls covered in animal and park facts. It's almost not even an eyesore to have them blocking off so much just because they're actually decorated.

Walking down Discovery Island, my mom had us stop twice for PhotoPass pictures. Our first PhotoPass CM was perfectly lovely, but the second told me my "belly" was "inappropriate" and I spent the whole time we were having pictures taken burning up with anger as she kept moving my arm and giving us a prop to cover me up. If crop tops are against the dress code, there are at least 100 people I saw at Magic Kingdom the previous day who should've been ejected. If it's against dress code they could enforce it by either not allowing me in the park or throwing me out. My mom looked up the dress code later and found nothing against them. So it isn't that crop tops are inappropriate. In that case, I took it to mean that she found my body inappropriate. I'm not very big, but I don't have a flat stomach, and sure, most if not all the other people I saw wearing crop tops had flat stomachs. Body confidence isn't something that comes naturally to me, and I've struggled a lot in finding the confidence to wear the clothes I want and believe I look fantastic in them. I really did think I looked awesome that day and being told first thing in the morning that I didn't by a cast member was pretty awful! I felt pretty awful for most of the day. So shout-out to PhotoPass CM Sue for making me feel like crap.

This was my first look at the new theatre district of Harambe and it looks so fantastic. Just like the rest of Harambe, the attention to detail is stunning. For the moment we walked past it, though, and headed to Kilimanjaro Safaris. We had a really good safari, saw the hippos being active, the birds near the beginning being fed, the young elephants playing and gently headbutting each other and entwining their trunks, the rhinos taking mud baths, and the brand new baby rhino snuggling on her mom's face!

We passed by Harambe Market, where we unfortunately didn't get a chance to eat, nor was it open when we passed by. But the details, of course, are perfect - I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but really, Disney generally does a great job on details but Animal Kingdom in general and Harambe in particular are just outstanding. So after a run through Harambe Market and a ride on Expedition Everest, we went back to Harambe to catch the Festival of the Lion King in its gorgeous new theatre.

The show remains as spectacular as ever, and the larger theatre is definitely good for the show. Everyone in the show is so talented, the music is so great, and it's just such a great show, you really shouldn't miss it. After the show we went to Yak & Yeti for lunch and then headed back to Expedition Everest for another trip up the mountain. After Everest, my brothers went to Kali River Rapids, and no matter how hot it is I hate water rides, so Mom and I went to see Flights of Wonder instead.

I actually hadn't seen Flights of Wonder since I was maybe 8 or 9. I don't know if it was the owl's fault or not, but when I last saw the show, my favourite beaded Piglet bracelet broke just as the owl swooped over my head, and the association in my head kept me away from the show for a while. That's very silly, but that's what it was. So it was fun to see the show since I hardly remembered any of it. After the show, my mom waited for the boys while I started for Maharajah Jungle Trek. The new Sumatran tiger was technically out, which was exciting because I hadn't heard of him being out before, but unfortunately it was impossible to see him or any of the other tigers because the heat had made them retreat to shade far back from the viewing windows. I was glad to know he was out, though! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for baby tigers in the near future.

In the heat, the boys were fading fast, so Mom took them to find food and A/C and I continued on to Pangani Forest. I had much better luck with the main attraction here, as both baby gorillas were taking naps with their moms right next to the viewing windows. So tiny!! After Pangani I slowly made my way over to Dinoland to meet Mom and the boys, taking a detour to look around the Tree of Life's old and new root carvings. Walking around the Tree of Life is so nice, it was mostly empty and everything was so beautiful. I love finding mostly or completely deserted back pathways all over Animal Kingdom, it's part of what makes it my favourite park. You just get lost in these beautiful hidden pathways. I met up with my family and we rode Dinosaur before leaving for Hollywood Studios to catch our Rebel Hangar reservation.

I've heard speculation that Rebel Hangar was perhaps a test-run for a permanent Mos Eisley Cantina sort of restaurant, and while I can't say Rebel Hangar was the best dress run for that, I do think it's a fantastic idea and with some polishing this concept could really work. It is way overpriced for lounge food, but it is good. The character interaction was alright, but Chewbacca walked straight past our table three times and never stopped, and when we inquired when he would be back, we were informed there was no guarantee of character interaction. He went to all the tables around us but...skipped us...every time...so that was weird and unpleasant. But otherwise it was great, and I really hope those persistent Cantina rumours turn out to be true!

Unfortunately I had a migraine and everyone else was fading fast so we headed back to the hotel after dinner instead of staying for more rides. We saw a lovely rainbow on the way home, though. :D

Up next: a stormy day at Epcot.


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