WDW Trip Report: June 7

So after I closed the Magic Kingdom the previous night, I arrived bright and early with my mom and brothers to open the Magic Kingdom in the morning. I was excited to see Tiana on the train at the welcome ceremony but unfortunately wasn't in a position to get pictures. Rope-dropping Mine Train is serious business. Though I made it through Mine Train without stopping for coffee, we were going to be approaching an Unpleasant Ria if I didn't get coffee immediately thereafter, so we stopped at Gaston's Tavern for a truly enormous cinnamon roll and caffeine.

Now properly caffeinated, we rode Winnie the Pooh where I saw an actual bumblebee in line, which I thought was adorable, and then went to see Enchanted Tales with Belle. I mostly wanted to see Belle and Maurice's house, but I thought the show was really cute, too. Almost every role in the show was played by a girl, which was fun, and the little girl picked to play the Beast had the greatest roar. I think she came prepared. The magic mirror mechanic is really cool, and the Lumiere animatronic in particular looks great. The library is small but it's lovely and there's lots of little details. I wish I had gotten up in time to get a picture with Belle, but I did get a few bookmarks, which I'm very pleased about.

After that we rode Jungle Cruise and then headed to Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch. After lunch we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room. My brothers had never seen the original show, having grown up with the Under New Management debacle. It was a bit difficult to enjoy the show with the screaming baby behind us that someone refused to take out, but Jackson told me he really liked the show, so I'm glad he enjoyed it. We wasted a lot of time on an attempt to play the stupid Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game I talked about before but on the bright side, during all that time running around Main Street we saw the Main Street Band and part of the Festival of Fantasy parade. The steampunk dragon!Maleficent looks amazing. I really love the spinning wheel detail.

We grabbed Dole Whips on our way to Big Thunder Mountain, then rode Space Mountain before leaving. Later we went out to Downtown Disney for dinner and stopped by Earl of Sandwich, where they had temporarily brought back my very favourite sandwich, the Caribbean jerk chicken. After dinner I walked through Marketplace Co-Op, where I would spend all my money in Centerpiece if I had any. We looked around World of Disney and the Lego Store as well before calling it a night.

A fairly low-key day but coming up next is my favourite park, Animal Kingdom, and one more Star Wars-related event at the Studios! It's Star Wars Weekends on a Monday. Somewhat less thrilling.


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