WDW Trip Report: June 10

Mom wanted to let the boys sleep in but I was up early and bored so I went back to my favourite park solo. Taking the bus instead of our rental car was a nightmare, though, and it took me a full hour to get to Animal Kingdom. Thankfully the crowds still weren't too bad when I got there, and I didn't have a terribly long wait for Kilimanjaro Safaris. I saw a whole family of four bongos right next to the vehicle, which I'd never seen before, so that was really exciting. I also got a good look at the baby giraffe, but sadly the baby rhino wasn't out yet.

Pretty much the minute I got off Kilimanjaro Safaris, my mom called and said they were on their way to Hollywood Studios, so I hopped on a bus and met them there just as they got off Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Star Tours had posted a 15-minute wait, so we got in line, but then we saw the line wrapping all the way back and through the ewok village and we went, "...that's not gonna be 15 minutes," so we bailed and went to get pictures at the Cinderella coach instead.

We went to Mama Melrose's for lunch which was actually better than I remembered it being. After lunch it started to rain, so we managed a shorter wait for a ride on Star Tours, and then Tower of Terror and The Great Movie Ride. At this point the boys were fading fast, so we headed back to the hotel, stopping at Pop Century for tie dye cheesecake on the way.

I ended up not combining this post with the next day because though this one was short, the next one is long. So next time: our last park day in the Magic Kingdom.


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