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WDW Trip Report: June 3 - 5

I recently went with my mom and two younger brothers to Walt Disney World! These trip report posts may be slow in coming, since I've barely scratched the surface of editing the 2000+ pictures I took, but I have edited enough to at least put up the very first one, so here we go!

On the 3rd, my mom and Jackson, the elder of my brothers, came to pick me up. Neither of the boys knew what was happening at this point - I'm not actually sure what excuse my mom told the boys to explain my presence - but Mom decided we should tell Jackson before we left my apartment to head to their home. Jackson was surprised but low-key about it. Mom was filming and got the split-second of actual surprise on his face before he said, "Oh, that's- that's great, yeah." Jackson is 13 and too cool for emotions.

So we drove the 2 and a half hours from my apartment to my mom's house, where we told Liam, the 12 year-old. Liam's reaction was more what you'd expect from being sur…