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Frozen and Depression

Before I get into this post I know the legions of Frozen fans will come after me if I don't slap a disclaimer on here, so let me first say that I am not speaking for anyone except myself in this post. I can't say with certainty what depression feels like for anyone but myself. I'm also not trying to say you can't or shouldn't identify with Elsa or like Frozen. If you find yourself in Elsa, that's wonderful and I'm absolutely not trying to take that away from you. This is just me speaking for me.

"The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen is one of my favourite fairytales. There are several reasons for this - the heroine, the villainess, the winter themes - but one of the reasons it stands out to me is the depression metaphor. Andersen suffered from depression from a young age, and many of his stories have a more melancholy tone to them than most fairytales, but "The Snow Queen" in particular gives an explanation that resonates: the devi…

Disney Dining on $40 a Day

I was listening to old podcasts and found a challenge from just under a year ago to plan a day at one of the Walt Disney World parks dining on only $40 a day. It sounded fun but of course I am...about a year late. So instead of submitting this to the Internet At Large I'll just put it here.

Magic Kingdom

I generally don't eat breakfast, and when I do, I don't eat very much, so I'm already at kind of an advantage here. For breakfast here I'll go with my usual MK breakfast, a funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow for $5.99. 'What a ridiculous breakfast, Ria,' you may be saying. 'I am on vacation and you're a killjoy,' I respond.

For lunch I am going to pretend I have a coveted Be Our Guest reservation (they're taking lunch reservations as of tomorrow morning, fyi) and get myself a croque monsieur for $11.49. I love croque monsieurs and occasionally make them at home, but mine are never quite right. I tried the croque monsieur at the Boulangerie Patisser…

Disney, Fairytales, and Women, Part 11: Tangled

And with every passing hour, I'm so glad I left my tower!

I've been mostly doing this series chronologically, so if you're confused as to why this post is about Tangled rather than The Princess and the Frog, it's because I finally got that on blu-ray a while ago and got excited and wrote about it out of order. So this will be the last post in this series for the time being, until Disney's next fairytale foray. (I'm sort of skipping Frozen because it bears almost no resemblance to Andersen's "The Snow Queen," but I do have a post up next about it. I'm just not going to be discussing fairytale inspirations and devices so much.)
The Grimms' "Rapunzel" is by no means the first story of its kind, and the similarities between many versions of the "Maiden in the Tower" type stories are almost all present in one form or another in Disney's Tangled. There are the more contemporary versions - Basile's "Petrosinella,&…