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Hey! I'm still here. Let's talk about fairytale re-tellings.

The stories we know as fairytales and folk tales have been a part of human history for longer than we will ever know. They existed first as stories passed down in the oral tradition from generation to generation, and though we can find the first times these stories were written down, we can't say for sure what they were before that. It's like a big long game of Telephone; what we got written down in the 9th century is likely a garbled version of whatever our 4th century ancestors were telling each other. And ever since they were written down, they have continued to evolve and change with each generation that tells them. The basic stories - the rags-to-riches tale of Cinderella, the cruel queen persecuting the innocent princess in Snow White, the beautiful maiden falling in love with a gruesome suitor in Beauty and the Beast - are a template that each generation uses to tell stories that tell us a lot about wh…

Beauty in Fairytales and #GrowingUpUgly

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

Beauty as a motivating factor for fairytale villains is often laughed at. Why would someone be driven to such extreme ends simply wanting to be pretty? There's a lot to unpack about beauty in fairytales - it's never only about beauty in and of itself. And though it is very much indicative of the times in which these stories were written down, that's not to say things have changed terribly much since then.

In a time when death in childbirth was common, so was re-marriage; step-mothers and step-siblings are so present in so many fairytales because these stories reflect the realities of life at the time. The conflict between children of the dead mother and the new step-mother arose largely over money and inheritance issues; step-mothers feared their own children would be looked over in favour of the father's children and it was easier to just hate the dead woman's children rather than try to tack…

WDW Trip Report: June 11 - 12

The morning of the 11th the monorail was running for the first time during our trip, so we took that over to the Magic Kingdom. We were early enough to catch the welcome ceremony again; though Tiana wasn't in it this time, Lady Tremaine and her daughters were, and they were hilarious. Once we made it in to Main Street, we almost literally ran into Mary Poppins and Stitch exiting Main Street Train Station. We rode Space Mountain first, followed by Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, then headed for Adventureland for The Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Dole Whip floats for breakfast.

After an immensely healthy and well-rounded breakfast, we rode Mad Tea Party and the Barnstormer, the latter at my brothers' insistence, followed by immense disappointment upon realising the ride is a grand total of 17 seconds long. While in line we got to see the steam train refilling its water, though, so it wasn't a total loss. And Storybook Circus is actually a pretty cute little corner.


WDW Trip Report: June 10

Mom wanted to let the boys sleep in but I was up early and bored so I went back to my favourite park solo. Taking the bus instead of our rental car was a nightmare, though, and it took me a full hour to get to Animal Kingdom. Thankfully the crowds still weren't too bad when I got there, and I didn't have a terribly long wait for Kilimanjaro Safaris. I saw a whole family of four bongos right next to the vehicle, which I'd never seen before, so that was really exciting. I also got a good look at the baby giraffe, but sadly the baby rhino wasn't out yet.

Pretty much the minute I got off Kilimanjaro Safaris, my mom called and said they were on their way to Hollywood Studios, so I hopped on a bus and met them there just as they got off Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Star Tours had posted a 15-minute wait, so we got in line, but then we saw the line wrapping all the way back and through the ewok village and we went, "...that's not gonna be 15 minutes," so we…

WDW Trip Report: June 9

We got to Epcot so early we were actually the second people in line waiting for bag check to open. We weren't even hours early or anything! So that was kind of bizarre, but cool. We got to be at the beginning of the rope drop crowd for the first time ever.

We decided to head for Test Track at rope drop and Liam and I took on Mom and Jackson. Our car design, which Liam named The Motorizer, beat Mom and Jackson's Glam Factor by 5 whole points! We were going to ride again but the line had already grown to 50 minutes so we decided we didn't need a rematch that badly. After Test Track we headed to Spaceship Earth, which is always a delight.

Jackson and Liam wanted to ride Mission: Space but Mom and I opted to sit out. I found an outlet by the play area by the exit and watched that competitive game I can't remember the name of while my phone charged. It's rigged, incidentally. Team Orion always wins. We briefly headed to The Seas with Nemo and Friends and rode the ride,…

WDW Trip Report: June 8

We went to Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning on the 8th. I hadn't been back to Animal Kingdom since the massive construction started so the lines of construction walls down the length of Discovery Island were new to me. I like that Animal Kingdom has the most interesting construction walls covered in animal and park facts. It's almost not even an eyesore to have them blocking off so much just because they're actually decorated.

Walking down Discovery Island, my mom had us stop twice for PhotoPass pictures. Our first PhotoPass CM was perfectly lovely, but the second told me my "belly" was "inappropriate" and I spent the whole time we were having pictures taken burning up with anger as she kept moving my arm and giving us a prop to cover me up. If crop tops are against the dress code, there are at least 100 people I saw at Magic Kingdom the previous day who should've been ejected. If it's against dress code they could enforce it by either…

WDW Trip Report: June 7

So after I closed the Magic Kingdom the previous night, I arrived bright and early with my mom and brothers to open the Magic Kingdom in the morning. I was excited to see Tiana on the train at the welcome ceremony but unfortunately wasn't in a position to get pictures. Rope-dropping Mine Train is serious business. Though I made it through Mine Train without stopping for coffee, we were going to be approaching an Unpleasant Ria if I didn't get coffee immediately thereafter, so we stopped at Gaston's Tavern for a truly enormous cinnamon roll and caffeine.

Now properly caffeinated, we rode Winnie the Pooh where I saw an actual bumblebee in line, which I thought was adorable, and then went to see Enchanted Tales with Belle. I mostly wanted to see Belle and Maurice's house, but I thought the show was really cute, too. Almost every role in the show was played by a girl, which was fun, and the little girl picked to play the Beast had the greatest roar. I think she came prepa…

WDW Trip Report: June 6

This was my first trip to Hollywood Studios since the hat came down, and I was so excited to look down Hollywood Boulevard and see the Chinese Theatre just like I did when I was younger. Unfortunately, since we were visiting during Star Wars Weekends, there was still a giant stage blocking the view, but hey, close enough. We arrived pretty early in the morning, but as you might be able to tell from that picture, it was still outrageously crowded, being a Saturday during Star Wars Weekends. There was some entertaining banter from a duo of Stormtroopers before the rope was officially dropped, and then off we went to Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Neither was terribly crowded since most people were rope-dropping Star Tours, but we had a FastPass+ for later so we weren't terribly concerned about it.

After the Sunset Boulevard run, we went to Starring Rolls for breakfast. After a delicious chocolate croissant, we walked over to The Great Movie Ride, briefly stopp…

WDW Trip Report: June 3 - 5

I recently went with my mom and two younger brothers to Walt Disney World! These trip report posts may be slow in coming, since I've barely scratched the surface of editing the 2000+ pictures I took, but I have edited enough to at least put up the very first one, so here we go!

On the 3rd, my mom and Jackson, the elder of my brothers, came to pick me up. Neither of the boys knew what was happening at this point - I'm not actually sure what excuse my mom told the boys to explain my presence - but Mom decided we should tell Jackson before we left my apartment to head to their home. Jackson was surprised but low-key about it. Mom was filming and got the split-second of actual surprise on his face before he said, "Oh, that's- that's great, yeah." Jackson is 13 and too cool for emotions.

So we drove the 2 and a half hours from my apartment to my mom's house, where we told Liam, the 12 year-old. Liam's reaction was more what you'd expect from being sur…