soldiers in petticoats: a disney ladies fanmix

I didn't write a Disney, Fairytales, and Women post this week, but I have an excuse! I made this enormous beast of a fanmix with 62 songs, each one for a different Disney lady.

Tracklist behind the cut!

01. "Alarm Call" - Björk (Snow White)
02. "Your Lips Are Red" - St. Vincent (The Evil Queen/Grimhilde)
03. "Moon Jam" White Hinterland (Slue-Foot Sue)
04. "I Was Just a Card" Laura Marling (Cinderella)
05. "The Beast" Austra (Lady Tremaine)
06. "Scab and Plaster" Marina and the Diamonds (Alice)
07. "Heads Will Roll" Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Queen of Hearts)
08. "Never Look Away" Vienna Teng (Wendy Darling)
09. "Human" Oh Land (Tinkerbell)
10. "Look Up!" Mirah (Aurora)
11. "The Villain" Austra (Maleficent)
12. "Come Up the Hills" Loreena McKennitt (Katie O'Gill)
13. "Birdhouse in Your Soul" They Might Be Giants (Pollyanna)
14. "She's My Witch" Kip Tyler (Madam Mim)
15. "I Am Woman" Helen Reddy (Winifred Banks)
16. "La Vie en Rose" Édith Piaf (Duchess)
17. "Who Wouldn't Love You?" The Ink Spots (Madame Adelaide Bonfamille)
18. "Hero" Regina Spektor (Eglantine Price)
19. "Cold Coming" Thea Gilmore (Maid Marian)
20. "Fire With Fire" Gossip (Miss Bianca)
21. "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" Cage the Elephant (Madame Medusa)
22. "Child of Light" The Getaway Plan (Eilonwy)
23. "I Wanna Be Loved" Dinah Washington (Jessica Rabbit)
24. "Dancing in the Dark" Bruce Springsteen (Rita)
25. "Primadonna" Marina and the Diamonds (Georgette)
26. "Winter" Tori Amos (Ariel)
27. "Skin" Zola Jesus (Ursula)
28. "Après Moi" Regina Spektor (Belle)
29. "Heard It All" Emilie Autumn (Jasmine)
30. "King and Lionheart" Of Monsters and Men (Sarabi)
31. "Kids" MGMT (Nala)
32. "I Followed Fires" Matthew and the Atlas (Pocahontas)
33. "Rebel Girl" Bikini Kill (Esmeralda)
34. "Shake It Out" Florence + the Machine (Megara)
35. "Fight For Me" Wildbirds and Peacedrums (Fa Mulan)
36. "After the Storm" Mumford and Sons (Princess Atta)
37. "Brainy" The National (Dot)
38. "Soldier" Ingrid Michaelson (Jessie)
39. "Summer Fires" The Wilderness of Manitoba (The Spring Sprite)
40. "Money Power Glory" Lana del Rey (Yzma)
41. "Creator" Santigold (Kidagakash Nedakh)
42. "If I Were a Weapon" Suzanne Vega (Helga Sinclair)
43. "Silver Coin" Angus and Julia Stone (Boo)
44. "I Am Strong" Polly Scattergood (Lilo Pelekai)
45. "Running Up That Hill" Kate Bush (Nani Pelekai)
46. "We Learned the Sea" Dar Williams (Captain Amelia)
47. "This Woman's Work" Kate Bush (Sarah Hawkins)
48. "You Were a Kindness" The National (Dory)
49. "Woman King" Iron and Wine (Elizabeth Swann)
50. "Hysterical Strength" St. Vincent (Elastigirl/Helen Parr)
51. "Anything Could Happen" Ellie Goulding (Violet Parr)
52. "I Got Rhythm" Ethel Waters (Franny Robinson)
53. "Extraordinary Machine" Fiona Apple (Colette Tatou)
54. "Don't Let Me Fall" Lenka (Giselle)
55. "People Help the People" Birdy (EVE)
56. "Young Blood" Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Ellie Fredricksen)
57. "I'm Good, I'm Gone" Lykke Li (Tiana)
58. "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin" Colin Hay (Rapunzel)
59. "Science/Visions" CHVRCHES (Dejah Thoris)
60. "Linden Rise" Old Blind Dogs (Merida)
61. "Rocks and Water" Deb Talan (Queen Elinor)
62. "Combat Baby" Metric (Sergeant Tamora Calhoun)


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