January 2014 Disney Trip: Part 3

I've never had any luck seeing animals on Kilimanjaro Safaris except very first thing in the morning, so we took advantage of the Extra Magic Hour that morning and got to Animal Kingdom right at opening. Adam wasn't super thrilled about being up so early but baby elephants wait for no man.

After Kilimanjaro Safaris we grabbed breakfast at Kusafiri Bakery. I just got coffee but Adam and Ben got pastries so we sat in a little room we found off to the side.

I don't know what that is but it was cool. Anywho, then off to Everest. Ben doesn't do rollercoasters so he grabbed a table (and some honey chicken) at the counter service Yak & Yeti and watched our stuff while Adam and I rode Expedition Everest.

We had a lunch reservation at Sanaa so we headed back to Animal Kingdom Lodge. It didn't take nearly as long to find the restaurant as I feared it would, and even with stopping to look at the baby zebra we were really early for our reservation. The restaurant was almost completely empty, though, so we were seated right away.

Sanaa definitely lived up to the hype. I feel like some of the charm might be lost at night when you can't see the baby zebra while you're eating, but the food is great. We got the Indian bread service with, as Ben put it, "all naan accompaniments," (Ben likes dad jokes, it's a problem) and we all got the Slow-Cooked in Gravy dishes with different entree options. They were all delicious, especially the much-hyped butter chicken. After such a heavy lunch, we all went back to the room to take a nap.

In the afternoon we had planned to meet a local friend at Downtown Disney, but their plane was stuck up in Connecticut in that polar vortex, which we will meet again later. So with that plan out, we couldn't decide between Hollywood Studios and Epcot for the evening. We flipped a coin, it came up heads, so Epcot it was.

The Test Track and Soarin' lines were way too long, of course, so we did Spaceship Earth, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, and headed back to World Showcase for dinner. Everyone ended up getting food at different places and I don't remember what the guys got, but I got a croque monsieur and a box of macarons at Les Halles in France. The croque monsieur was pre-made and re-heated, which was quite disappointing, but the macarons were soft and flavourful and so pretty. I tried to get a picture but neither my phone nor my camera wanted to work. Alas. Someday I'll get a DSLR. Once we were all fed, we grabbed a spot between Mexico and Canada for Illuminations, passing Off Kilter playing one of my favourite songs they do, "Whisky in the Jar," on the way.

The next day was Ben's and my second wedding anniversary, and we went to Magic Kingdom! That'll be in the next post.


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