January 2014 Disney Trip: Part 1

Well, hello. I finally figured out a post-wedding use for this blog! Although for now it's just going to be a couple of posts, but maybe I'll figure something else out past that.

We went to Disney World for 3 days for our honeymoon in January 2012, and almost immediately upon getting back we started planning a longer trip with some friends. We initially had 8 or 9 people going including us, but we ended up with just us and our friend Adam because everyone else bailed. Still, we had a wonderful time. I've been posting pictures on my Disney Tumblr, swingingwake, but I keep going through them and thinking about posting Actual Disney Stories but Tumblr didn't feel like the place to do it. So here we are.

On January 2, we ran some last-minute errands, picked up the rental car I dubbed The Mirthmobile, and started driving. We traded off driving straight through the night to Florida. I slept for most of the time I wasn't driving and ended up with the 3 AM shift, taking over essentially the moment we crossed into Florida. Ben and Adam were sleeping and I was downing energy drinks, so when we pulled up to Animal Kingdom Lodge around 9:30 AM, I was bouncing in my seat and they were really groggy. We got checked in, which took a little longer than it had in the past because we had trouble with the MagicBands (read my giant rant about MagicBands here). Ben and Adam wanted to take a nap as soon as possible but our room wasn't ready, so we went for breakfast at The Mara.

I had given the front desk my phone number so they would text when our room was ready, and I hadn't yet gotten a text when we finished breakfast, so we went on a walk around the Uzima Springs pool and Jambo House.

We actually did end up napping on the couches at one of the outlooks until we got the text that our room was ready. I got everything unpacked while the guys slept, and still wasn't sleepy (thanks, Rockstar energy drinks!) so I sat on our porch overlooking the pool where they were seriously, seriously, I am not joking, they were seriously playing "Call Me Maybe" in 2014.

I took more pictures of the room on our last day, but these were the ones I took the first day.
When the guys woke up, we went for a quick dinner at The Mara before heading to the Polynesian.

Zebra domes!
Our first night tradition is watching the fireworks from the Polynesian beach. Before fireworks, though, we stopped by the Tambu Lounge for drinks.

my Lapu Lapu, aka pineapple fulla rum

I forgot what Ben's drink was called but we called it The Arkenstone
It was a bit chilly on the beach but the fireworks were lovely. This is the second time I've watched Wishes silently from the Polynesian beach, though; I don't know if there's a problem with how they pipe in the music, but the first time it was very soft and the last two times we're pretty sure there just wasn't any music at all. Pineapple fulla rum was nice, though. After fireworks we decided the easiest way back to the hotel was taking a boat across to Magic Kingdom, then catching a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge. We were the only people on the boat and our driver was super nice. We stopped a little ways into the lagoon and watched the Electrical Water Pageant from the boat. We all crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel (well, I think I ate some more zebra domes first) to be well-rested for a full day of drinking around World Showcase the next day.

If you're interested in seeing all of my Disney pictures, I'm posting them on my Disney Tumblr and all of my own photos are under the tag 'swingingwake.' I've queued them and they're posting one per day, and I have about 900 pictures, so...it'll be a while before they're all posted. They're also on my Flickr, if you have me added over there.


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