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Disney, Fairytales, and Women, Part 2: Mothers and Stepmothers

I think I had a mother once. What was she like? I forget. - Peter Pan (1953)

Mothers in fairytales are often absent, dead, or missing without even a mention of them being gone. Considering mothers are pretty much everywhere, their absence is glaring to the audience. A major impetus for many fairytale plots is the death or absence of a parent, which accounts for many of the missing mothers, but many of them are hiding in plain sight; in subsequent editions of the Grimm brothers' Kinder- und Hausmärchen, cruel and abusive mothers were often changed to stepmothers to avoid depicting mothers as capable of doing harm or evil to their children. Victorian fairytale anthologies kept these changes, and most modern fairytale translations and adaptations continue the stepmother trend, and of course the Disney fairytale films are based on modern editions, not the originals.

In the Grimms' 1810 and 1812 editions of "Schneewittchen," the heroine's own mother is the queen pursuing…

Disney, Fairytales, and Women, Part 1: About Fairytales

I've been thinking about writing something about Disney, fairytales, and women for some time now. In reviving this blog the idea came back to me, and I've been prepping it for a few weeks. In that time I've run across several Disney movie reviews, podcasts, etc. in which people talked about women in Disney films or Disney films based on fairytales trying to insinuate that they knew the “original fairytale,” while their actual words betrayed the fact that they had never so much as read any version of the original non-Disney-written fairytales, let alone had any deeper thoughts about them. I found this annoying, and decided I had too much to say on this topic to confine it to one post. I'm not sure how long this series will be, but I definitely intend to write a few posts talking about different fairytale stock characters and tropes/devices and how those translated to Disney's fairytale films, as well as specific fairytales in comparison with the Disney versions. I b…

January 2014 Disney Trip: Part 7

On the morning of our check-out day (boooooo), I finished packing up and then took some pictures of the room. Our 2-bedroom lock-off suite in Jambo House was quite nice. If it hadn't been substantially more DVC points, a savanna view would've been worth it, but our pool view wasn't bad.

We got the Mirthmobile loaded up and ran over to the Zawadi Marketplace before leaving to pick up some souvenirs we'd had shipped to the hotel.

We went over to Downtown Disney before heading home so we could pick up some last-minute souvenirs. We did lunch at Earl of Sandwich, and I'm glad I got to have one more Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich because I hear they've taken that off the menu so now there's literally no reason to go to Downtown Disney anymore (Kungaloosh).

I picked up a few things at World of Disney, then the guys poked around the Lego Store for a while.

On our way out we took a look at The Art of Disney.

January 2014 Disney Trip: Part 6

On our last day in the parks, Ben and I headed to Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning. We had a really excellent Kilimanjaro Safaris ride - I really can't recommend enough hitting the Safaris first thing in the morning, before the animals give up on life - and actually saw the cheetahs running briefly before they noticed the jeep and promptly flopped on the ground right where they were. It was truly impressive, though. All the animals were up and about and moving around except the baby elephants, but I saw them previously so I was only like 70% bummed.

We had to take a quick detour backstage for unspecified reasons, though we didn't see much of interest, except this rare cliff hippo and cliff cheetah:

Next we went to Dinosaur, and we were really tickled to see Rex in the gift shop:

Unfortunately, Rex did not fare well against the carnotaur:

We took a walk through Pangani Forest and didn't see much to begin with. We got to the gorillas and they weren't out, and a …